2014 attacks to be highly targeted & well-researched

Security provider Websense says that  while the volume of attacks will decrease, there will be an increased use of highly targeted, well-researched attacks. These attacks, in turn, will be used as a stepping stone for subsequent malicious activity after stealing user credentials.

The firm also predicts that a major data-destruction attack will occur in 2014.  Further, according to this Websense report (and with the caveat that the firm sells related services), there will be an increase of related ransomware attacks in SMB’s. Other predictions include ongoing Java exploits, increased focus on attacking data in the cloud, and increased reconnaissance activity on executives via professional social networks such as LinkedIn.  The report also speculated increased attacks on the vendors and contractors of large companies with the thought being that these ‘support’ companies will have less sophisticated cyber defenses than their larger partners.

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