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FAA drone activity timeline

The FAA has found itself in a bold new role over the past few years regarding drone, aka Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) policy, registration services, guidance, detection, establishment of permanent and temporary no drone zones, studies on drone/human collision risk and impact, and related areas. We can expect that this will continue to be a very active space over the next several years.

A timeline of some FAA drone activity since early 2015 is depicted below. The graph shows the total number of FAA News/Updates and Press Releases for that month. I used the FAA’s website news search engine to get these numbers. (I used the dates from search engine as the basis even though the actual event date might have differed by a few days in a couple of cases.) Some representative links to FAA News/Updates and Press Releases follow the graphic.


Super Bowl XLIX
Super Bowl 50
Super Bowl LI

Other No Drone Zone announcements —

DC kicks off No Drone Zone
Papal visit No Drone Zone press release

Airport drone detection system updates —

Denver International Airport & FAA partner on drone safety
Testing FBI drone detection systems @ JFK
Evaluating drone detection systems in Denver area
Testing drone detection system @ DFW

Other notable updates —

Drone registration site launched
San Francisco 49ers launch drone safety effort
Registration requirements go into effect
FAA responds to Court of Appeals reversal of registration requirements


Clearly, drone policy development and enforcement, drone detection and management systems, other drone-related tech, and messaging the same to the public is likely to a substantial growth area and effort for the FAA over (at least) the next several years.